"Clare’s yoga classes do wonders for both mind and body! Clare has a very warm and calm aura about her, and I never feel judged or pushed to do anything I don't feel comfortable with! I've learned techniques to help me relax after a stressful day (breathing) and also to help sore muscles. I’d thoroughly recommend any activity she's running!"

I offer regular weekly online classes of classical yoga, womb yoga, shiatsu and meditation for all levels of experience and all ages.

Courses and private sessions in mindful eating, teacher training and retreats in the healing Sicilian landscape just above Africa and by the toe tip of Italy, in the UK and worldwide.

Intertwining yoga, shiatsu and meditation practices with local music, homegrown food and a way of life that seems like a fairytale... unni u suli bacia u mari
where the sun kisses the sea and the sea caresses the shore, Sicily is a land of legends, mystery, chaos and excessive kindness that is irresistible, explosive and transformative!

"There is still so much about my experience in Sicily that I cannot find words for. It was a truly special and beautiful time in my life that extended long after I got home..."

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